Mobile, waterless cars wash services

Introducing “Sparkling Rydz”. Waterless mobile car washing services that you can use anywhere afford-ably.

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Our Vision

To change how our clients maintain the appearance of their vehicles, making it more convenient for them and friendlier to the environment.

Our Mission

To stay in tune with mobile and waterless vehicle washing technologies, continuously improving the quality of service our clients get from us.

Our Values

Convenience, Green Footprint, Affordability, Speed, Quality of Service, Reliability, Innovation, Green Footprint and Environmental Friendliness.

Sparkling Rydz' Company Profile

For individuals and for businesses

Whether for your business or yourself, we can help keep your vehicle(s) clean.

  • Car washing for business fleets

    Streamline the cleaning of your business's vehicles with a solution that won't break the bank, is convenient and as considerate to the environment as your business is. Talk to us today for packages uniquely suited to your needs

  • Car washing for individuals

    Sparkling Rydz doesn't waste water or leave messes, allowing us to come and wash your vehicle in your in your home, complex or estate, leaving you to do the things you love.

  • Car washing for dealerships

    Take the hustle out of keeping your show room sparkling, clean your entire collection without moving it an inch.

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Some of Sparkling Rydz' Clients

Spick and Span, in jiffy!

Sparkling Rydz provides affordable car washing services. Our product is mobile and waterless, making it very convenient for the client. In addition to coming to you, we can clean your vehicle on any surface without leaving a mess. With water becoming a greater challenge everywhere by the day, there is no better partner in keeping your vehicle sparkling than Sparkling Rydz.

There is a difference between clean and sparkling and our clients know it very well. Whether it be in a quick wash or a deep clean, we aim to not only remove dirt but also give your vehicle that showroom glow. This commitment to quality underlies everything we do, and lets us guarantee you complete satisfaction in our services.

Car Washing Services

Fast, affordable, convenient and eco-friendly!

Keep your vehicles sparkling clean in the convenience of your own space. Our system is waterless, so we don't leave a mess. We can even smooth minor dents and rejuvenate your fading paint work. We have the complete solution to keeping your ride sparkling, quickly and affordably.

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Why should you try our services?

Don't let the water crisis keep you from a clean car

With an increasing water crisis, car washing with tones of running water is a privilege of the past. Whether you want to cut down for regulations or doing your bit for the planet, our system keeps your vehicle sparkling with little water. It uses less than a litre per wash, so we could wash your vehicle an entire year without consuming a fraction of the water you need for one wash.

Drive a sparkling ride even on a busy schedule

The more important commitments you have as a business or as an individual need not stop you from keeping your vehicle looking like new. Our service is mobile, so we come to you and clean your vehicle where it’s most convenient for you. Because we are waterless, you need not move the vehicle either, we can clean it where it stands and leave the area spotless.

At Sparkling Rydz, our clients conveniently keep their vehicles in showroom condition, without wasting water, leaving a mess or moving an inch. Best of all, all this value is yours at very affordable Pricing

  • Sparkling Rydz Testimonials

    "Let us know how you feel about our service."

    Thuba, Director @ Sparkling Rydz

  • Sparkling Rydz Testimonials

    "We value and welcome your feedback."

    Thuba, Director @ Sparkling Rydz.

  • Sparkling Rydz Testimonials

    "Sparkling rydz is definitely leading a revolution at a time we need it."

    Clement, Founder @ Mut-Con

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