Welcome to Sparkling Rydz

Welcome to Sparkling Rydz

Sparkling Rydz

Company Information


Sparkling Rydz is an innovative provider of car wash and vehicle maintenance services. Our product is mobile and waterless, making it very convenient for the client. In addition to coming to you, we can clean your vehicle on any surface without leaving a mess.

With water becoming a greater challenge everywhere by the day, there is no better partner in keeping your vehicle sparkling than Sparkling Rydz.



To change how our clients maintain the appearance of their vehicles, making it more convenient for them and friendlier to the environment


To stay in tune with mobile and waterless vehicle washing technologies, continuously improving the quality of service our clients get from us.


To systematically grow our business into a national operation over the next ten years

To build a strong brand with a loyal following in the carwash business

To maintain a high standard in all our services and associate our brand with quality

To be a trusted and reliable premium car wash business

To keep our products affordable for all our market segments

To continuously grow our assets to allow us to fully meet the needs of a wide client base

To consistently bring a positive return on investment for our investors


Our Values

Convenience, Green Footprint, Affordability, Speed, Quality of Service, Reliability, Innovation, Green Footprint and Environmental Friendliness


Tag Line

Cast all your “car-wat-rries” unto us and do life


Product / Service Index

Our products are incremental, allowing you to use them even if you are short on time or funds. A quick wash is the cheapest and fastest and washes the outside of the car only. A full wash includes the interior of the car while a deluxe wash, washes the exterior, interior and hidden elements like the engine bay. All services include a shine and buffer for your car body. The paint and scratch service conceals minor scratches as well as rejuvenates fading paint.


Product List

Car Wash Packages

Our range of affordable convenient car wash services which include Quick Washes (Body Wash & Shine, Wax & Polish, Window, Wash, Meg Wash, Tire Polish), Full Washes (Quick Wash + Seat Cleaning, Mat Cleaning, Floor Vacuuming, Boot Cleaning, Odour Control, Dash Board) and Deluxe Washes (Full Wash + Roof Lining, Engine Bay, Under Carriage)


Paint and Scratch Service

Our range of affordable convenient car paint and body rejuvenation services which include treatment of Minor Scratches, Scuff Marks, Dull Paint, Fading Paint


Quick Wash

Our most affordable car wash package which includes Body Wash & Shine, Wax & Polish, Window, Wash, Meg Wash, Tire Polish, great for getting your car sparkling while in a hurry. It is priced; Pocket Cars – R60 | HatchBacks – R60 | Sedans – R60 | Bakkies – R72 | SUVs – R72 | Double Cabs – R72 | Minivans – R85. 

Body Wash & Shine

Wax & Polish

Window Wash

Meg Wash

Tire Polish


Full Wash

Our mid-range car wash package which includes Quick Wash + Seat Cleaning, Mat Cleaning, Floor Vacuuming, Boot Cleaning Odour Control, Dash Board, great for getting your car in full sparkle without touching out of reach areas. It is priced; Pocket Cars – R75 | HatchBacks – R75 | Sedans – R75 | Bakkies – R80 | SUVs – R80 | Double Cabs – R80 | Minivans – R90

Quick Wash +

Seat Cleaning

Mat Cleaning

Floor Vacuuming

Boot Cleaning

Odour Control

DashBoard Wash


Deluxe Wash

Our top of the range car wash package which includes Full Wash + Roof Lining, Engine Bay, Under Carriage, great for getting your car in full sparkle including out of reach areas especially after a service or long trip. It is priced; Pocket Cars – R180 | HatchBacks – R180 | Sedans – R180 | Bakkies – R220 | SUVs – R220 | Double Cabs – R220 | Minivans – R250 

Full Wash +

Roof Lining

Engine Bay

Under Carriage


Paint and Scratch

Our affordable convenient car paint and body rejuvenation service which includes treatment of Minor Scratches, Scuff Marks, Dull Paint, Fading Paint. Available for all makes including, Pocket Cars, Hatchbacks, Sedans, Bakkies, SUVs, Double Cabs, and Minivans & Combis. Prices are available on request. 

Minor Scratches

Scuff Marks

Dull Paint

Fading Paint


Product / Service Quality Assurance

We appreciate the value your vehicle has to you and the amount of trust you impart to us when you hand it over. Because of that, we promise to handle it just as, maybe even better than you would yourself, and to return it with a showroom glow every single time. 


Market Philosophy

Our mission is to completely capture the market and introduce a new standard and method in vehicle cleaning. Our products are designed to fully cater to your needs, as an organization and an individual. We hold ourselves to a high standard and spare nothing for our brand to be synonymous with quality service and customer satisfaction. We can’t completely capture the market if our clients, current and potential, can’t reach us, that’s why we leverage every communication platform. Find us on social media, email, phone, via our site, or visit us and let us know how we can add a sparkle to your life.


Value Proposition

The three pillars of our product are convenience, affordability and environmental friendliness. Our services are not only environmentally friendly because they are waterless, but also because our process uses harmless chemicals. Most are plant-derived and are easily biodegradable.

Our biggest value to our clients is saving them time and giving them a hustle free car wash. Our process does not leave a mess, so we can clean clients’ cars anywhere they desire, indoors and outdoors. This is a definite advantage of our system being mobile and waterless. At Sparkling Rydz, our clients conveniently keep their vehicles in showroom condition, without wasting water, leaving a mess or moving an inch.


Company Strengths

Mobility – Our mobile system introduces a new level of convenience for our clients, business and individual. With Sparkling Rydz, you can get your vehicle cleaned anytime, anywhere, while you focus on the things that matter, “while you do life”.

Environmental Friendliness – Climate change and the disruption it’s consistently bringing to water supply can no longer be overlooked and there can be no doubt the extent to which traditional car washing puts pressure on water supply. Whether out of environmental consciousness or regulation, wasting water is becoming less an option, and Sparkling Rydz has the solution to help you do your bit without sacrificing the sparkle of your vehicle.

Waterless System – Water consumption or run off limits the freedom our clients have in keeping their vehicles sparkling. Whether it is to comply with regulations, for example in estates and complexes, or it is for hygiene and aesthetic purposes, for example, an indoor car lot, a water-based system is just not practical. Fortunately for us, we have no such limitation. Sparkling Rydz will leave your car clean without adding an ounce to your water consumption or any mess to your space.

Enterprise Solutions – Combining our mobility, environmental friendliness and waterless process makes us the perfect enterprise solution for keeping your fleet speak and span. We eliminate the inefficiency of delivering your vehicles to a car wash individually while ensuring our service does not inconvenience your environmental mandate and the aesthetic of your business. 


Why us, Not the Competition

There is a difference between clean and sparkling and our clients know it very well. Whether it is in a quick wash or a deep clean, we aim to not only remove dirt but also give your vehicle that showroom glow. This commitment to quality underlies everything we do, and lets us guarantee you complete satisfaction in our services. When you are with Sparkling Rydz, your car gets the treatment it would get from you, and you get to do life.


Future Prospects

The Sparkling Rydz Mobile Application

We want to take our brand global by introducing the Sparkling Rydz mobile application that will allow business owners and clients to seamlessly interact. The application will allow clients to immediately request service and for businesses in the proximity to respond and serve the client. We’ll be opening our platform for all business owners to register and adopt our business mobile.


Social Responsibility

At a time when water crises are becoming commonplace because of climate change, we strive to be a leading force in helping individuals and corporations do their bit for the environment by eliminating the water element in one of the most water-intensive activities, car washing. Additional, we use plant-derived biodegradable chemicals to give our service a 100% green footprint

 In addition to the environment, Sparkling Rydz is committed to empowering the youth in communities we work in. Because our process can be understood by anyone who applies herself, we hope to empower youth who did not have the opportunity at formal education with the skills to work with us in a job they can take pride in with growth prospects.

Finally, we will be opening the Sparkling Rydz application for entrepreneurs who want to join the mobile waterless car wash business, thereby giving them a resource to start and grow a business that is likely to become more important in a stand against climate change and global warming.

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